Pineapple-strawberry smoothie 2

This strawberry pineapple smoothie is light, delicious, and refreshing. It only requires four ingredients and is really simple to make. When consumed as a part of breakfast, as a snack, or after an exercise, it functions wonderfully.

Every once in a while, we go through stages where we like smoothies. There are times when we eat them as a snack, and there are other times when we eat them because it is too hot to eat a complete meal, and they help us to actually have something to eat. Next, proceed to a more substantial bite, if at all possible.

Whatever the case may be, I always make sure to keep some frozen fruit in the freezer so that I can make smoothies whenever I need them. Using some frozen fruit is, in my opinion, the best method to ensure that your smoothie is chilled, and it also gives you the opportunity to use some fruits that you might not always have available in their fresh form.

The fact that smoothies may be made in virtually any way imaginable is one of the thing that makes them so appealing. It is possible to use them to consume some greens, such as in my simple green smoothie, or to consume them as a drinkable breakfast, such as in my apple banana smoothie.

Pineapple-strawberry smoothie 2

One of my favorite things about this smoothie is that it allows you to experiment with a wide variety of flavors, such as my pomegranate smoothie or this mango pineapple smoothie. Convert it into a bowl, such as the strawberry smoothie bowl or the mango dragon fruit smoothie that I previously made.

There are instances when it makes sense to include a variety of components, but you can also choose to keep them really straightforward, like this one. It is a pretty delectable mixture, despite the fact that it only requires four ingredients, and it could not be simpler.


I have mentioned before that there are a great deal of choices available when it comes to preparing smoothies; but, if you are looking for a fairly straightforward foundation, this is an excellent place to begin:

  • A mix of fresh and frozen fruit. The flavor of the fresh fruit is typically more vibrant, but the frozen fruit is not only more convenient, but it also lowers the temperature of the entire meal without diluting it like ice would. Despite the fact that this is not a predetermined rule.
  • A thickener –  It could be yogurt, as it is here, banana, or both of these. Additional things, such as perhaps some nut butter, might also be effective. The purpose of this is not only to make it thick (one could argue that all that is needed is to omit the liquid), but rather to assist in the formation of a good emulsion rather than the separation of the components into layers.
  • Liquid – It is necessary to have some liquid, which can be milk (dairy or otherwise), juice, or any other liquid, in order to counterbalance the thicker components. Which, in my opinion, is contingent upon the different components. It is common for juice to feel like a batter that is suitable for brightening the tastes, as it does here, when the fruits you are using are quite light and you have already included yogurt.

Pineapple-strawberry smoothie 2

Experimenting with the exact amount of each ingredient is a bit more difficult, as it is dependent not only on the fruits you use but also on the desired thickness of the mixture. But that’s only half the battle!

You should also give some consideration to the combination of fruits and other ingredients that you incorporate in your dish. Some fruits are sweeter than others, while others have a more astringent flavor. It is easy for certain flavors to take center stage, while others are more likely to be overlooked. In addition, there are some that simply do not go well together. A number of fruits contain an excessive amount of seeds, which may be the case.

This smoothie made with strawberries and pineapple is a very straightforward combination that features a delightful harmony of flavors. It possesses a harmony of sweet and sour fruit, as well as a harmony of creaminess and fruitiness. Both simple and delectable.


  • ½ cup frozen pineapple
  • ½ cup strawberries
  • ¼ cup orange juice
  • ½ cup plain yogurt (eg Greek style)


  • The components should be placed in a blender and blended until they are completely smooth.
  • If you would like it to be a little simpler, you can add a little bit more orange juice.

Pineapple-strawberry smoothie 2


  • It is possible to switch out the frozen fruit items. It is important to ensure that one of them is frozen and the other is fresh or canned.
  • Do not include any ice. It is recommended to use either frozen pineapple or frozen strawberries.
  • When using a blender, the liquid should always be added first.
  • Add half of a large, ripe banana (or a full banana) to the blender in order to make a Strawberry Pineapple Banana Smoothie blend.

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