Zodiac Signs Who Make Great Dads — Ranked From Best To Worst

What makes a good dad? There are so many ways a man can define fatherhood, but that doesn't mean all men will be a good dad, at least not in the way a child needs.  


Capricorn was born to be a father — it’s their true calling. As a father, they like to teach by example. 

Taurus is one of the most affectionate parents out there. As a father, it’s important to them that their children feel secure and safe 


As a father, it’s important for Gemini to have kids that are physically and mentally healthy. 


Family time is the most important thing to Cancer dads! They love to create family traditions, whether it’s playing board games 


One of Scorpio’s biggest concerns as a father is keeping their children busy. They want their kids to grow up to be social and outgoing


Pisces’ parenting legacy focuses strongly on creative freedom and expression.  


For Libra dads, their children’s needs mean everything. Whatever their child needs, Libra gives it to them without hesitation. 


Aries are passionate, assertive, and make great leaders. Their passion and determination is bound to be the roots for their children’s success, no doubt.  


Virgo is a strict dad, the “take your shoes off in the house” kind of parent. 


Leo can be pretty indulgent and impulsive at times. Like any proud parent, they enjoy bragging about their kids and spoiling them without any hesitation.  


Sagittarius loves to travel and be adventurous, and they want their kids to be the same way. Sometimes Sagittarius dads will even go as far as pulling their children out of school to take them on road trips. 


As a father, sometimes Aquarius feels like they need to be their child’s best friend.  


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