Zodiac Signs: Which Famous Women Share Your Star Sign?

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Aries, the ram-sign fire sign, are aggressive, stubborn, and great at attaining what they desire. Aries may relate to Lady Gaga's incredible ability to multitask many award-winning projects or Emma Watson's ability to talk about feminism in a way most people can understand.  


Bulls symbolize Taurus, an earth sign. The sensual sign loves beauty, cuisine, and pleasure (there are many jokes about their season commencing on 4/20). Despite enjoying extravagance, these workaholic people strive hard to achieve what they desire and savor the pleasures. Janet Jackson has been a music icon her whole life.  


It's no surprise that Octavia Spencer and Nicole Kidman are Geminis—Mutable are natural creatives. Twins are continually looking for their mate and cherish it, making them great partners. Also renowned Geminis are Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie.  


Moon-ruled Cancers are crab-represented water signs. Ariana Grande, who survived terrorist attacks, lover deaths, and public breakups to release an excellent and accessible record, best represents these extremely emotional and complicated creatures.  


Leos—lion-sign fire signs—are powerful natural powers. Leo J. K. Rowling shows they can captivate an audience. They stand up for what they believe in and sometimes seem unstoppable, like Monica Lewinsky, who survived the Bill Clinton scandal and inspired millions more survivors during the #MeToo campaign.  


Details and perfection are Virgos' hallmarks. It's no surprise that Beyoncé, the queen of everything, is a Virgo after her meticulousness and flawless albums and concerts. Virgins represent the earth sign, but also signify a need to nourish themselves, others, and humanity.  


Libran women seek balance since the scales represent air. Cardi B can shatter many charts at once—no surprise. Libras might be flighty and indecisive because they prefer balance and avoid conflict.  


Scorpios are scorpion-ruled water signs. When Scorpio Hillary Clinton ran for president, the media mistook her enthusiasm for power hunger, which turned some people off.  


Archer represents Sagittarius, a fire sign. Imagine partying with Chrissy Teigen—charismatic Sags are always the life. Their ardent independence and intellectuality are shown in Sagittarius Janelle Monáe's amazing art.  


Sea goats symbolize Capricorn, an earth sign. When most people hear "Capricorn," they think of a productive businessperson. It's true that Shonda Rhimes, a Capricorn, wouldn't have made television more inclusive without her power. They are ambitious but grounded and caring, as Kate Middleton showed by adapting to royal life without losing herself.  


Alicia Keys, one of the best vocalists and musicians of our time, quit wearing cosmetics, changing expectations for women performers. Aquarians aren't afraid of the unknown, so Tinashe may have done well when we invited her to try nine new things. Who better than Aquarius Mariska Hargitay to reassure survivors?  

Kerry Washington, Jennifer Aniston, and Oprah Winfrey are also prominent Aquarius women.  


Rihanna rules Pisces, a water sign represented by two fish. She loves cannabis, is artistic, and laid-back like Pisces. Pisces don't always use cannabis, but they do want to unwind because they can get exhausted working too hard.  

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