Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Soulmate-Level Relationship


A soulmate relationship is with someone who is similar to them in the way they are open to doing things, but different in that their partner has a cautious side. 

The perfect soulmate is trustworthy. Taurus isn't trusting and prefers to take things carefully, sometimes too slow, thus a good partner will move quickly yet still be moral.   


Soulmate is someone who is great at deciphering mixed messages and doesn't need constant hand-holding.  


Cancer's ideal partner has an old soul, understands true romance, and wants to make them feel loved and cared for.  


A soulmate for Leo is someone who is their equal in every way. Leo doesn't want their romantic partner to fade in the background when they take center stage 


While some may think that Virgo's soulmate is someone who would be heavily into research and be very analytical, for Virgo, they don't want to be in a relationship with themselves! 


Libra requires a soulmate with a strong personality, but who also isn't overbearing. It's not that Libra's submissive, but they do like it when someone is more dominant  


Scorpio needs a soulmate who is loyal, trustworthy, strong, and truthful; otherwise, it's a recipe for disaster. It's not easy being in a relationship with Scorpio 


Sagittarius is very free-spirited, and their soulmate understands that they need space and won't, under any circumstances, try to tie them down. 


Capricorn's soulmate is as career-driven as they are, and has a strong sense of purpose. Capricorn won't stick around if their partner has low drive and no ambition.  


Aquarius needs a soulmate who can adhere to their minimalist lifestyle, who isn't into material possessions, and can feel empathy for their fellow human.  


Pisces requires a soulmate who will ground them when they get lost in their fantasy world. Their partner is a kind soul who is supportive and a true fan of Pisces' work


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