Why Your Zodiac Sign Is Terrible At Relationships On July 11, 2024

Grief is appropriate when your relationship ends unexpectedly after high aspirations. You wonder what occurred, yet every zodiac sign has bad relationship patterns that influence love.   


Aries' romantic relationships cease before they start because the Ram is careless. Aries plans without their partner and is astonished when they are confronted.  

Taurus loses patience after so long trying to make sure this person is right for them and realise it's not worth it.  


Geminis fail at relationships because they have "buyer's remorse" and like to be flexible. They want to be free if someone better comes along.  


Due of their tendency to perceive promise in relationships, Cancers are poor at them .


It's better than leading someone on and crushing their heart, but it makes Leo lousy at relationships.  


Virgos make lousy partners because they drift apart. At different stages of life, Virgo and their partner don't connect, therefore they split up.  


Libra is too cautious to say or do the wrong thing in a relationship to be oneself. Their relationships become inauthentic.  


Scorpios have trouble with relationships since they start strong but fade swiftly. Scorpio wants to retreat and stop things since there's plenty of attraction but little else.  


Sagittarius fails at relationships because they quickly feel suffocated. They value independence and want to accomplish   


Because they prioritise work over relationships, Capricorns rarely see their partners. They are too busy for love.  


A lack of alone time with their mate makes Aquarius lousy at partnerships. Instead of a romantic night in, they choose group dates with pals.  


Pisces is bad at maintaining relationships because they think their spouse reads minds.  


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