What The Universe Has in Store For Every Zodiac Sign From June 24 to June 30, 2024  

If you have doubted your abilities, you can expect to feel more self-assured this week with the Moon in Aquarius allowing you to celebrate and appreciate all you have accomplished.  

Aries: Recalibration

The Moon is in Aquarius and will move into Pisces this week, bringing with it a week of victories and recognition. This will serve as a reminder that when you believe in yourself and your work, you are a star.   

Taurus: Alliance

During this Saturn in Pisces transit, you are relishing the energy that is presently surrounding you and the transformative qualities it offers. Now that the Sun has entered the Cancer season, get ready for even more growth and learning.  

Gemini: Personal growth

Expect surprises and healing with Jupiter in Gemini clearing out the negative energy for you and bringing new beautiful chapters.  

Cancer: Self-Love

You might start to feel like a champion and warrior ready to take on the world on the 29th, when Saturn stations retrograde. You might feel unstoppable when you have love and passion on your side.  

Leo: Routine

The Saturnian energy continues with the Moon in Aquarius, allowing you to work with others and have fruitful collaborations, but Saturn will be a reminder that you need to dissect your boundaries. 

Virgo: Awareness

Along with all of the love, your daily routines may also be gaining newfound appreciation. When Saturn retrogrades, you should assess what needs to be changed to add more excitement to your days.  

Libra: Structure

Aquarius allowing you to uncover some mysteries that may be tied to the Saturn retrograde transit. The creative energy you experience this season may be enhanced this week  

Scorpio: Inspiration

This week, the energy of networking and your professional or vocational objectives are enhanced. This week's message is to keep going up.   

Sagittarius: Confidence

It's also a great time to reflect on your knowledge and any skills you may want to continue honing. You're ready to give it your all because Saturn wants you to rise.  

Capricorn: Elevation

Later in the week, when Saturn stations retrograde, is the ideal time for analysis. Think back over the past few months at your accomplishments and shortcomings, and try to piece together what you can learn from them.   

Aquarius: Introspection

As Saturn’s latest apprentice, your curiosity is at a new peak with the energy pushing you to explore a new world. 

Pisces: Transformation

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