Trending Nail Designs for 2024: The Coolest Nail Ideas to Try Now

Oat Milk Latte  Latte nails, but make them muted and textured. This quiet-luxury-coded color scheme and 3D nail art are going to be everywhere in 2024.

Textured Ombré Arnold anticipates an uptick in earth tones mixed with optimistic and bright finishes that “evoke a futuristic feel,” much like this trendy textured ombré style.

Walnut Brown Natural neutrals are also making a comeback, and we’re not mad about it in the slightest.  

Minimalist Chic  But of course, short nails and natural colors are undeniably superchic and are, quite frankly, seriously slept on.

Forest Green Prepare to see a lot earthy green manis in the new year. Think forest and emerald shades, like CND’s Aura.

Embellished Blue  Arnold points to “extravagant details like over-scale embellishments” as a top 2024 nail trend, and this regal manicure checks all of those boxes and more.

Indigo Ombré Earth-toned and embellished, this is a style to look out for.

3D Snakeskin Snakeskin is another one of those extravagant details Arnold mentioned, proving quiet luxury luxury doesn’t have to be so quiet.

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