Top 4 zodiac signs are most comfortable going out on a date

Is you the type of person that gets a kick out of the excitement of going on a first date?   

Is it possible that you are the type of person who gets a little nervous when you think about going  

out with someone who might be interested in you romantically?  

If you can believe it, your zodiac sign might provide you with some fascinating insights on the dating comfort zone that you already have.  


Hot and passionate Aries is our first pick. Aries are born adventurers and love new experiences, making them great daters.   


Our next pick is pleasant and sociable Gemini. Geminis make great party guests on any day due to their charm and humor.  


The confident and charismatic Leo knows how to demand attention on a date.  


Finally, Libra is sweet and romantic. Libras create magical dates due to their appreciation of beauty and harmony.   

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