Today's horoscope for Taylor Swift is  June 22, 2024.  

The two most widely held beliefs by both astrologers and admirers are that she is either a rising Scorpio or rising Capricorn.  

More than half of Swift’s planets fall on the Cancer and Capricorn axis, and a Capricorn rising birth chart would place that energy directly across her first house (image and perception) and seventh house (romantic relationships). 

This placement would explain Swift’s need to become financially knowledgeable very early in her career — and shows her struggle for financial independence from the powers that be later in life. 

It would also place her Cancer moon (emotional center) and Jupiter (luck and expansion) in the hands of her investors’ benevolence and financial support. If we look at how Swift’s career has played out from the beginning,  

Swift won her first Grammy for Album of the Year for Fearless. This is the time when you strike out on your own and try to make a name for yourself as an adult for the first time. 

Swift spends the next decade redefining her musical stylings, lyrics, and commercial image in order to maintain her relevancy in an ever-changing music landscape. 

Swift has managed to seize an unprecedented level of financial success 

This would mark a bittersweet end to the struggle she’s faced over the years to be seen as a legitimate player in the game — not just another fading star. 

And if she is a Scorpio rising like many suspect — I’m sure she’s happy to leave us all wondering. 

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