Today's Horoscope for Capricorn: June 29, 2024

You and your partner are having a serious issue with dishonesty. Tell your partner the truth and act fairly toward them. A Pisces will flirt with single signs.  


Make sure you have something with you to help you fall asleep on a plane if you have trouble doing so, especially if the destination is at least five hours away.  


For you today, the number 24 will be a source of prosperity and positive energy. Never risk big sums of money on gambling.  


An employer may contact unemployed signs. Today's employed signs must perform better. Your supervisor will be observing you.  


As a result of your poor eating habits, you are beginning to feel the effects. Today is going to be a day of outbreaks for you.  


In spite of your circumstances, you feel stable and well. Look for a constructive method to deal with your emotions.  


The Capricorn According to today's horoscope, Capricorn is a fixed sign associated with duty and timing.  

Though some residents will have sore throats, their daily lives will remain unchanged.  

Lucky numbers:  4

Lucky Color: Dark Grey 

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