Three Zodiac Signs See Their Dreams Come True On June 25, 2024

During the Moon square Uranus transit on June 25, 2024, three zodiac signs have the power of manifestation on their side, 

giving them the chance to do more than believe in their dreams — they get to see them manifest as reality. 

These zodiac signs can harness the grand power this Tuesday. What we might have only thought of as fantasy now proves to us that if our hearts are in the right place  


You have always stood firm when it comes to knowing that if you put in the time, you will see the results take shape.  

While you aren't always the most patient person around, you are strong and resilient enough to know that nothing comes easily 

June 25 allows you to stand back and watch as your dreams manifest in all the right ways. 


Because of Moon square Uranus on Tuesday, you can watch something spectacular take place. 

Moon square Uranus sets you on the right path by letting you know that if you can dream it, you can manifest it.  


Uranus works with the power of the mind, and you, Scorpio, are particularly mindful and directed when it comes to intentions and the idea of creating them as reality. 

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