Three Zodiac Signs Love Reality TV  

Reality TV is a love-hate genre for most, but some adore it all. They love the ups and downs, producer-driven plot lines, and larger-than-life characters that provide endless entertainment.  

No wonder the zodiac signs who love reality TV most love drama in all its manifestations.   

Astrologer Stina Garbis says gossipy Mercury-ruled signs are the most popular because they love passionate debates and fast-paced stories.   

Their long must-watch list certainly includes every Love Island, The Ultimatum, and Top Chef season. After all, they prefer being informed.  

However, devoted fans realise reality TV is more than it seems, and Garbis says earth and water signs get lured in.   

They like the lighthearted fun of The Bachelorette, but they also understand the group dynamics and psychosocial elements that effect everyone on television.  

Reality TV is more popular with Geminis. This air sign has seen everything from the latest Perfect Match and The Bachelorette to Survivor and Jersey Shore and more.   


Though they deny it, Virgos love reality TV. Their practical, productive earth sign identity clashes with reality TV's superficiality and mindlessness. If a passerby asked what they were viewing, they'd probably lie and claim a documentary.  


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