This Vegetable Helps Lose Weight

 First rule: everyone should consume fruits and vegetables. Most Americans first eat too few.  

 In terms of weight loss, researchers discovered that consuming more fruit and non-starchy veggies like broccoli helped adults lose weight.  

 Fruit and vegetables differ in fiber and glycemic load, which measures how carbs affect one person's blood sugar.  

 High-fiber diets make individuals feel fuller, while low-glycemic foods may reduce blood sugar rises and hunger sensations.   

 Researchers weren't sure if such items affect weight differently from starchy corn, potatoes, and peas.  

 Diet and weight fluctuations in 133,468 men and women were monitored for up to 24 years in a PLOS Medicine study.   

 The researchers found that consuming more fruits and vegetables led to weight decrease over four years.  

 High-fiber, low-glycemic load vegetables like Brussels sprouts and broccoli helped people lose more weight than carrots and other high-glycemic foods.  

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