These 5 zodiac signs always love the wrong guy.  

What a wonder is love! It can make our hearts skip a beat and souls soar.  

However, have you noticed that some of us attract the incorrect partners? Like a magnet, we attract emotionally unavailable or mismatched people.   

Well, my friend, let's examine the zodiac and identify our worst offenders. Join us as we explore the five zodiac signs that always fall for the wrong person!  


Aries are known for their impulsivity in love. Due of enthusiasm, individuals may fall in love with someone they just met.  


As zodiac kings and queens, Leos rule with passion and confidence! They are natural leaders and have admirers. However, their need for attention and approval might lead to problems.  


Libras view love through rose-colored glasses. They are eternal romantics seeking the perfect love story. Their pursuit of perfection might occasionally mislead them. Libras emphasize relationship success over their personal wants.   


Dear sensitive soul, as a Pisces, you can perceive beauty in everything, even people others ignore. However, your kindness can lead you to partners who don't respect your empathy. You're a romantic, but don't let love fool you.   

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