These 3 Zodiac Signs Have Short Relationships.  

Many zodiac signs treat first dates like job interviews. They want to know everything about their Hinge match so they can calculate their long-term compatibility.   

Other zodiac signs worry more about good vibes and fun than relationship length.  

Since they never want a serious commitment, these zodiac signs are fine with a summer fling or whirlwind romance.  

Michelle Bell, inventor of the astrology software Cosmic Fusion, says many fire signs are like this.   

Their relationships are like 4th of July sparklers—they blaze brightly and then fade.  

Aries is the zodiac's greatest firecracker, says Bell. “Their bold Mars ruler keeps them ready to ignite,” she explains. The first sign of the astrological year, they're good at starting but not finishing.  


Air signs fall in love and break up quickly. Geminis aren't naturally good at long-term relationships. Though they assume they desire that, they soon realise they want options.  


Bell says Sagittarius values independence and self-determination. Jupiter, their planetary lord, symbolises expansion, luck, and abundance. This fire sign loves to fall in love and switch partners.  


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