The Real Reason Your Zodiac Sign Won't Commit To A Relationship

Everyone has experienced fear to some degree; it's a powerful emotion, after all. But we can either adapt and change our lives to not encounter fear the same way; or, we can avoid it altogether, which isn't always the answer. 


When Aries won’t commit to a relationship, it’s because of their overly ambitious nature. They have many ideas about the things they want to accomplish, but they end up overwhelming Aries.

Taurus has a fear that if they don’t stand their ground at all times, people will take advantage of them. It’s why Taurus is so stubborn and won't give anybody an inch.  


Gemini won’t commit to a relationship because they are fearful of how others perceive them. They worry that people will see that Gemini is all smoke and mirrors, with no substance or quality 


Cancer worries that their relationship won’t work out from the get-go, so they refrain from commitment altogether. They are jaded from thinking people aren’t what they seem  


Leo won’t commit to a relationship because they fear they will never get their due and will end up under the radar. A lack of attention is an awful thought for Leo 


Virgo refrains from committing to a relationship because they fear they will never be the person they are meant to be or feel comfortable wherever they are. Virgo wants to be perfect. 


Libra won’t commit because they are scared of making the wrong decisions and the consequences that could come from it. They don't like feeling that their actions can affect others


Scorpio is afraid that their romantic partner, or anyone close to them, will betray them. It may sound a bit dramatic, but that’s just what Scorpios are like. 


They need to be able to roam about the world as they wish, and are afraid they will never find a partner who doesn’t mind Sagittarius taking off for parts unknown at a moment's notice.


Capricorn is afraid to commit to a romantic relationship due to finances. They worry that they haven’t invested enough and that, one day, they will find themselves in financial turmoil.


They constantly work to come up with new ideas, but feel they don’t always get the appreciation and support they deserve. 


They fear they will never truly belong. They have a unique way of looking at the world, and worry others won’t share their views or interests. 


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