The One Thing Your Zodiac Sign Needs To Live An Authentic Life

It’s not so easy to determine what it is we seek in our lifetimes. We may ask ourselves: What is the one thing that shapes the quality of your life, gives you purpose, and makes you feel whole? 


Aries needs to pass tests, win at games, and push themselves to not only meet challenges but to surpass them.  

Taurus needs to have a comfortable home, good food, and lovely surroundings. And because it's what they want most in life


Gemini needs to feel like people understand them and the stimulation that comes from communicating with another person. 


Cancer needs to feel that their feelings are valid and that those closest to them understand what they are going through and why they feel a certain way. 


Leo doesn't just want others to be devoted to them or to only look up to them; rather, Leo wants others to revere, adore, and hold them in high esteem. 


Virgo needs to be the best at what they do. But they don't have to be an expert at everything, just the things they are interested in.  


Libra tries to practice moderation with all things, though they don't always succeed. Libra likes for their life to be as balanced and harmonious as possible. 


Scorpio has a passionate intensity for the things they prize most in life: love, knowledge, and ability.  


Sagittarius is obsessed with new experiences; they want to see as much of the world as they possibly can, try new things, participate in various traditions 


Capricorn wants to do the right thing, be there when someone needs them, and provide a secure future for themselves and their family.  


Aquarius has to be up on the latest trends in technology. They enjoy experimentation, invention, and improving existing items. 


Pisces doesn't necessarily need to be an artist to have an overwhelming desire to express themselves artistically. 


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