The Most Complicated Thing About Each Zodiac Sign That Makes Them Appear Inauthentic

People are complicated and can be difficult to figure out, even if this person has been in your inner circle for years. That's because humans don't all fit into the same box.


The most complicated thing about Aries is how incredibly smart they are, but that they don’t think things through before acting. 

The most complicated thing about Taurus is their desperate desire for close relationships, but that it's very difficult for them to trust anyone, so they keep others at arm's length.  


Gemini wants to be friends with everybody in theory, but in practice they can't accept some of the major differences between themselves and other people.  


The most complicated thing about Cancer is how they handle romantic relationships.  


Leo is generous and warm one minute, and the next they are bossy, patronizing, and condescending.  


While all the zodiac signs are complicated, Virgo really takes it a step further. Virgo wants to be easygoing and calm when things don’t happen the way they planned 


Libra has great ideas and talks a good game, but when it comes to actually doing the work, they fall short.


Everyone admires Scorpio’s strength and passion, but it's terrifying when those qualities are used against them.  


Sagittarius is an optimist unless they perceive some kind of wrong doing that has happened against them.  


Capricorn is very particular and complicated as is, but the way they believe in their own myth and stick to it, no matter the cost, is a bit over the top.


Aquarius very much wants to be independent, do what they want whenever and however you want, and to be in a stable relationship. 


Pisces is overly trusting, which means they are easily led astray because they tend to be somewhat weak-willed.  


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