The Luckiest Day Of The Week For Each Zodiac Sign Starting July 8 - 14, 2024

Okay, Aries, now is the time to face your challenges and become your greatest self. Prepare to challenge everything, especially the self-limiting beliefs that have kept you mired in dead ends for years.   


Taurus, now is the moment to put all of your intuitive thoughts and grandiose goals into action. You've recently felt guided in a different direction with your career.  


Venus returns to Leo on Thursday, July 11, focusing your attention on your finances. This is your opportunity to let money speak for itself and focus on ways to improve your finances and sense of riches.   


Take time to listen to your intuition, Cancer. Even if you've already seen great changes in your profession and feel more confidence in your ability to succeed, there is still more work ahead of you.  


This week's energy is uncertain, Leo, as you attempt to slow down and ponder your next actions rather than simply charging ahead. The First Quarter Moon in Libra on Saturday, July 13  


You will succeed in this week's energies, Virgo, because it is all about attention to detail. The First Quarter Moon in Libra rises on Saturday, July 13  


It can be difficult to make critical decisions when you are not thinking clearly, Libra, but that will change in the week of July 8. Asteroid Pallas stations direct on Tuesday, July 9  


Everything is looking good for you, Scorpio, as Venus returns to Leo on Thursday, July 11. Regardless of your concerns regarding your work or professional future  


While you frequently have to learn that not all that glitters is gold, Sagittarius, it appears that fresh vistas are calling to you in the week of July 8.  


There's no need to rush right now, Capricorn. Instead, as the First Quarter Moon occurs in Libra on Saturday, July 13, you are encouraged to focus on the steps to achievement  


You are constantly changing, dear Aquarius, particularly in your work, and you wouldn't have it any other way. While you've believed that professional changes would occur in your life  


Pisces, you must consider not just your dreams but also the steps necessary to make them a reality. Often, your dreams or visions for the future are so vast that you can't envision how you'll go from point A to point B.   


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