The Daily Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign On June 29, 2024

Saturn retrograde helps to slow down and manage our life admin so that we juggle fewer things without feeling overwhelmed.  

It's time to strengthen your spiritual practice and turn down the volume in the outside world.   


Taurus personalities can be influenced by those around them, both consciously and unconsciously.  


This is the ideal time to develop a career philosophy. When we solely focus on goals without considering the process of obtaining them, our boundaries, or the types of people we want to collaborate with, we are more likely to make short-sighted judgments that do not take into account a long-term vision.  


You're in scholarship mode because you've developed a strong interest in learning about various spiritual systems or self-help books that you wouldn't typically be interested in.   


Saturn will be transiting your zone of metamorphosis and psychic growth, so you'll likely feel like you're changing from within.  


Your relationships will be screened and filtered so that you can perceive them objectively. 


Indecision can be fuelled by a lack of routine; it's for your own good.


When was the last time you picked up your paintbrush? Creativity is a sort of play that allows you to explore your own sense of self-expression, which can be quite therapeutic.   


You may be dealing with karmic dynamics within your family during this time.  


This is the time to let go of preconceived notions and allow yourself to accept situations as they are. 


Expect your preferences, views, and values to evolve. You are becoming more conscious of your innate abilities, such as your expertise, flare, and style.   


Dealing with sorrow is a private process, yet the more intimate we become with our own feelings  


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