The Award For 'Best Weekly Horoscopes' June 24 - 30 Goes To These 5 Zodiac Sign

A New Moon and a Saturn Retrograde, all in one week!

Pluto's Retrograde in Aquarius's relationship with the Sun in Cancer is also highlighted here as beneficial. The best way to embrace your cosmic blessings now is to understand that the world is more diverse than you realize  

The end of the week, though, will be a period of rest and introspection. With Saturn Retrograde in Pisces beginning on June 29, go slow  

Aries, the energy this week is full of possibilities. In the first half of the week, you will recognize the options in front of you. Some of you will feel out the pros and cons and try to see which path would suit you better. 



Taurus, you have more options in your hand than you realize. Don't cut yourself short or sabotage yourself! The first half of the week will bring you people and circumstances that will try to open your eyes to this. 

“All hail the King!” That's the cryptic message for you this week, Capricorn. Try to be more observant of the people around you and the environments you find yourself in.  



Pisces, don't play all your cards at once this week. Hold some back. This includes keeping your secrets behind tight lips for the moment. You may be around people who will hold you back  

Aquarius, have you ever wondered what it would feel like if you had someone who was firmly in your corner yet was never afraid to speak their mind and prevent you from making a mistake or a fool 


It's a bigger blessing than most people realize. You are also encouraged to think about the last era of your life this week and learn the lessons from it. 

The energy this week urges you to remember that even if you don't have such a person, let it be one of your wishes. 

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