The 8 Biggest Nail Trends 

In 2020, people had to think beyond the box, and in 2021, they'll paint their nails different colors.  

Multi-Colored Manicure

Runway and editorial nail artist Gina Edwards expects calligraphy and other hand-lettering on manicures to rise as stress levels rise and people seek new ways to express themselves.  

Personal Statement

Regarding press-on nails... This simple DIY manicure technique returned in 2019 and flourished when we were caught at home in 2020.  

Embellished and Pre-Painted Press-On Nail

According to nail artist and OPI educator Sigourney Nuñez, nostalgia was a major aspect in 2020 and will continue in 2021.  

Throwback Design

Recently, celebrities have worn bright colors with subtle undertones like sage, melon, and buttery yellow, Elle reports.  

Going On Mute

Manicures may be scarcer in 2021 than before the outbreak. Manicure enthusiasts should employ negative space to design their nails.  

Negative Space

Elle and Nuñez predict minimal and geometric nail-art ideas for 2021. Lack of professional manicures also contributes.  

Minimal Graphic

Face concealing in public will be a part of our lives through 2021 and perhaps after.   

Mask Matching

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