Summer Nail Art Ideas–From Sunset Ombré to Dreamy Cloud

Sunset Tips We're in love with these sunny tips. The pink and orange combo reminds us of two of our summer faves: Aperol spritzes and sunsets.

'80s Squiggles These pastel squiggle nails are both nostalgic and modern, making them a great choice for your summer nail art. 

Lovely in Lime This nail design is all about adding pops of color without covering the whole nail.  

Neon Tips Take your love of vibrant '90s nostalgia and recreate the vibe on your nails. Instead of going full neon, opt for a French tip moment.

Reverse Ombré Mermaid Nail This reverse ombré mermaid manicure is too spot-on to ignore.

Dreamy Clouds Cloud nails are the dreamy way to bring the big, blue skies of summer to your manicure. Any shade of blue

Neon Aura Nails Hot pink and tangerine orange are two of the hottest colors of the season, making this gem-accented aura mani a shoo-in for your next summer nail sesh.

Peach Emoji There's nothing like a juicy peach in the summertime, especially in the form of beautifully stylized nail art.

Pastel Ombré Dewdrop Nails Dewdrop nails are having a moment, which means these colorful ombré nails are bound to turn heads. 

Metallic Butterfly Nails Metallic nail polish is trending hard, as are butterfly accents. Needless to say, this reimagined French manicure is a must for the months ahead. 

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