Recipe for Easy Grilled Ratatouille Salad

With their 2007 animated mega hit, Ratatouille, which starred an actual cartoon rat who cooked the famed dish, Pixar cemented the Provençal vegetable dish into the minds of youngsters and adults alike.  

Anything that takes to encourage people to eat more vegetables works for us,  

even if it involves an anthropomorphic rat with extraordinary talent as a chef. This is by no means a traditional ratatouille recipe (nor do we suggest hiring any rats, cartoon or otherwise, to prepare it for you);  

rather, it is an inspiration drawn from the assortment of vegetables that comprise this traditional French peasant cuisine. It's also not necessary to use every vegetable on the list below for this dish;  

 feel free to use your imagination. Not a single squash? No worries, just exclude it from your ratatouille. Do you adore tomatoes? Just toss them into the grill. 

Especially Ratatouille lends itself easily to repurposing, and that's the whole purpose of cooking: you have complete creative control over the meal.  


Slice 1 large red onion into 1⁄4" thick pieces. 1 quartered red bell pepper, stalks and seeds removed Cut 1 medium aubergine into 14" planks. Slice 1 large portobello mushroom cap into 1⁄4" thick pieces. Cut 1 large zucchini into 14"-thick planks.  


Cutting 2 medium yellow zucchini into 1⁄4"-thick planks 12–16 asparagus stalks, woody ends removed 4 Tbsp olive oil Salt and black pepper to taste 1 tbsp pesto 2 Tbsp red wine vinegar 2 Tbsp roasted pine nuts 1/4 cup grated Parmesan  

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