Recipe for Avocado-Cabbage Blackened Fish Sandwich

with America, a standard fish sandwich consists of a large portion of severely processed mystery seafood that is deep-fried, coated with a sauce resembling tartar, and placed inside a large, soft roll.  

For an ostensibly healthy food, you wind up giving up anything from 600 to 800 calories and most of your daily sodium allowance.  

Fresh tilapia fillets are used in place of processed patties in our fish sandwich,  

which also features crispy cabbage and creamy avocado in the tartar sauce and blackened frying. This sandwich of blackened fish is so flavorful that you won't miss the mysterious meat substitute you're used to.  


1 cup Greek-style plain yoghurt 1 tsp sriracha One lime juice A tablespoon canola oil 4 6-ounce tilapia or catfish fillets  

1 Tbsp blackening seasoning 4 whole-wheat sesame buns 1 pitted, peeled, sliced avocado 2 cups shredded red cabbage Pickled onions  


Mix yoghurt, sriracha, and lime. Set aside. Heat oil in a big cast-iron skillet on high. Season both sides of the fish fillets with blackening seasoning. Add the fish to the smoking oil and cook for 3 minutes until a brown crust forms.  

Flip the fillets and cook for 2–3 minutes until the fish flakes with a finger. Toast the buns cut-side up beneath the grill while the fish cooks. Distribute avocado and cabbage on buns. Put hot fish, yoghurt sauce, and onions on top.  

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