Randy Travis Appears Before Congress in Support of American Music Fairness Act

Randy Travis testified Wednesday before a House Judiciary subcommittee to urge Congress to enact the American Music Fairness Act, which would mandate radio stations to pay performers royalties.  

Since Randy cannot talk after a massive stroke in 2013, his wife Mary Travis testified.   

Mary said, “I’m kind of like a bad version of AI, but with consent,” referring to Randy's new song that uses AI.  

For years, songwriters have gotten royalties from American terrestrial radio, but performers have not.   

Travis testified that the American Music Fairness Act addresses that.  

“What would sheet music and radio sound like without voices and songs?” Mary Travis spoke for her husband.   

“This piece of legislation is essential to correct a 100-year-old issue regarding artists and non-payment  

for their work on the most prominent music platform in America, one they helped build and sustain.”  

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