Picture Puzzle IQ Test: Which woman brings more water in 5 seconds?

Picture puzzles challenge readers' critical thinking and problem-solving. These obstacles may promote intelligence and concentration.  

Most photo puzzles involve discovering a mistake, cracking a code, or finding a concealed object.  

Regularly tackling such problems improves problem-solving and mental fitness. Is your IQ high? Find out today!  

The image above shows two ladies carrying buckets of water. One woman has two large wooden buckets, while the other has two small metal buckets.  

This image appears ok. No, it is not. Which of the two women will bring more water home?  

This brain teaser puzzle will test your concentration the most. Your time begins! Examine the image attentively.  

Do you see any clues to solve this puzzle? Speed up—time is running out. Study the image carefully—you may be close to solving it.  

The answer to this photo puzzle is that the second woman can carry all the water she got from the source since her two small metal buckets have no holes. Water will be brought by her.  

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