Only 2% of Smart People Can Spot the Airplane in 12 Seconds With Optical Illusion!

Optical illusions demonstrate how the brain and eye interpret visual stimuli. Because they show human perception's intricacies, optical illusions have long captivated scientists and psychologists.   

Optical illusion IQ exams assess complex visual interpretation and analysis rather than logical reasoning and problem-solving.  

These tests require participants to find concealed items, patterns, or confusing sceneries in deceptive photographs.  

Successfully passing these exams shows good cognitive functioning and mental agility due to strong observational abilities, attention to detail, and visual information processing.  

Travel Bag's elaborate starfish and seaweed illusion hides an airplane, testing even the sharpest viewers.  

The hidden airplane in this optical illusion is difficult to spot. This task tests IQ, observation, and detail.  

People that can rapidly recognize the planes are usually smart and good at visual processing.  

Do not worry if you couldn't find the airplane in this photo. See the optical illusion solution below.  

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