On June 27, 2024, the cosmos will deliver a unique message to four zodiac signs.  

Mercury is the planets' messenger and an astrological sign. When trine with the Moon  

four zodiac signs experience 'consciousness' or 'waking.' What we may have been looking for now appears as  

four zodiac signs experience 'consciousness' or 'waking.' What we may have been looking for now appears as  

an answer or a road that will lead us to the answer we want. The tip of the day is to be open,  

to expect miracles, and to plan properly and with all of our best intentions.  


During the Moon trine Mercury, you will know that the universe is calling your name because the message you'll receive today corresponds to what you've been thinking about recently, and that message is for you to act. That doesn't imply stepping up on stage and reading Shakespeare (though it may if you're an actor), but it does indicate that nothing will be done unless you step up and make it happen  


'Go with your gut,' Cancer, is your special message of the day. During the Moon trine Mercury, you may be undecided about making a certain life change. The universe has been tracking your progress on this, and the message of the day has something to do with the fact that you really need to make your move right now.


This Thursday clearly demonstrates that the cosmos is telling you to'stay upbeat' because you've been succumbing to gloom much too often, and that it is something you can control, Scorpio. The message is plain during the Moon-Mercury trine. You need to get back on track in your life.  


When your personalized message arrives at your door, you'll discover that you're not only eager to hear the good news, but also that you helped generate it. That is how the universe gets its message over to you. On June 27, you will discover that you are the reason for the positive things that happen to you, and this message will come in the shape of self-confidence  

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