Mango Chia Brekkie Pops

To prepare a smooth and creamy pudding, you will need a high-speed blender.

Allow at least 20 minutes for the chia seeds to expand, then add additional water as needed. 

Refrigerate any leftover chia gel for use in smoothies or baking.

If you prefer sweeter popsicles, use coconut cream or ordinary double cream instead of Greek yogurt, which has a small tang.

Before pouring in the pudding mixture, put a little muesli or oats into the bottoms of the popsicle moulds for a crunchy topping.

Run the frozen popsicles under warm to hot water for a few seconds to release them from the moulds.

What is the best method to enjoy a nutritious and tasty breakfast on a hot summer morning?

That's basically what I did with this breakfast pops recipe.

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