Making Cold Foam

If you've ever wondered how to make cold foam to top your cold brew coffee or iced drink, look no further.   

These simple instructions will show you how to simply create your own foamy topping.  

This test kitchen-approved cold foam recipe is surprisingly simple to create at home. Juliana Hale, the recipe inventor, says 'it looks and tastes like it's from a posh coffee bar'.  

The recipe below includes a thorough ingredient list and step-by-step directions, so let's start with the basics:  

Cold foam is a frothy milk-based topping that is typically served with iced or cold brew coffee.  

It differs from steamed foam in that it is created simply by aerating milk with a frother or French press.    

Skim milk works best because it is low in fat and cream, but you may also use soy milk or oat milk.  

Vanilla simple syrup is optional but preferred for adding depth of flavour. You can prepare your own vanilla simple syrup (see below) or purchase a ready-made version, such as Torani.   

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