Love Horoscopes On June 29 Are Majorly Impacted By Saturn Retrograde For All Zodiac Sign


Take time for yourself right now, dear Aries. You need to heal all you’ve been through before officially starting something new. 

Spend time understanding the difference between what you want for your romantic relationship and some of the conditioning you have experienced around love.  


You need to hold space for multiple areas of your life, Gemini. Your personal dreams matter, but so does still showing up for your partner.


It’s natural to have regrets at times, Cancer. Not just for those paths in life not taken but also for those loves you may have turned down in the past.  


It’s time to ask yourself what it is that you really want, Leo. Not what is easy, or even what might look good, but what you genuinely want in your soul for your life and relationship. 


You may have to face some karmic romantic lessons, Virgo. Karmic lessons in love are about the repetition of patterns from your childhood  


You need to be careful about the choices that you’re making right now, Libra. While you have the best intentions, you are neglecting yourself now. 


You may reflect on many childhood wounds today, Scorpio, as you realize that you haven’t always been making the right choices for yourself. 


While you have been on a journey to discover what type of commitment and love you want for yourself, you haven’t let your partner in on this part of your journey.  


To change your relationship for the better, Capricorn, you need to change how you communicate. Instead of focusing solely on the goals you have for your relationship 


You deserve to feel valued in your romantic relationship, sweet Aquarius. This means feeling like your partner values your presence and that you are a priority in their life,especially when making decisions.  


You can’t work to receive the love that you want, Pisces. You can lean into your growth and healing, finding vulnerability and courage.  


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