Love Horoscopes For Every Zodiac Sign On June 22 — Moon In Capricorn

You must be clear about what you are and are not willing to compromise on. This could explicitly refer to resolving issues after a split or revising commitments within a present partnership.   


There are stressors in your relationship right now because it appears that something just revealed to you has changed your perception of it.   


The more you keep to yourself, the more room you create for overthinking and bruised sentiments. You really need to start listening to yourself more, Gemini


Cancer, there is no room in your life for acting as if your sentiments are unimportant. This was part of a lesson the universe has been teaching you since last year so that you can contribute more  


There is an ancient adage that if you can't say anything kind, don't say anything at all. While you should always advocate for yourself  


You should be excited about this new chapter and era in your life simply because of the energy and effort you've put in to make it happen.   


You may have to decide if you want to maintain a certain relationship or allow yourself to fall in love with life anew.  


To construct the life and relationship you desire, you will need to not only allow yourself to dream, but also engage in some hard talks.   


You may have recently considered whether you really want to prioritize a specific relationship or devote yourself to love.   


It is common to feel emotionally blocked at times. This can often manifest as a feeling that you are aware of yet are unable to express or articulate.  


Only you know what it takes to feel better. While you may be wanting to spend some quality time with your partner, you may discover that spending time alone is just what you need.  


There may be a discrepancy between who you believe your partner is and how others perceive them. While you must trust your heart.


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