June 24, 2024: 5 Zodiac Signs with Great Horoscopes

The Moon in Aquarius making a conjunction to Pluto earlier in the week brings more changes and deep evolution to the week of June 24, 2024.    

The Moon will enter Pisces midweek, starting a magnificent drama that will continue during Saturn retrograde on the 29th. Saturn stations direct on November 15, 2024, giving us time to reflect on our lessons.    

We will repeat important ideas in a new way for several months to let go and progress. This is a great time to journal on our personal growth and adjustments. Finally, the Moon in Aries brings ambition and passion this weekend.   

The Pisces Moon may make you think, and Saturn retrograde offers a chance to try new things. During this time of learning to take a break from overwork, the dreamscape or a nice book will make you feel more free.   

1.  Aries 

The Moon in Aquarius and Pisces will bring success and recognition this week, reminding you that you are a star when you believe in yourself and your work. This week may make you feel concentrated and cheerful, a good time to reconnect.    

2.  Taurus   

During Saturn in Pisces, you love the energy's transforming powers. Since the Sun is in Cancer, expect greater growth and learning. You have a lot of work to do, but Jupiter has given you a roadmap to succeed.    

3.  Gemini     

Current changes help you feel more connected to others. If you let it, your birthday season will be fun and exciting.   

4. Cancer   

With the Sun in Cancer telling you to relax, taking charge is easy. In a relationship, this week might be passionate and attractive. Communication and personal connections will change. Singles can interact and consider their relationship goals.    

5. Leo   

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