Joy Returns For 3 Zodiac Signs After Moon Square Neptune On July 4, 2024

July 4 usually registers in us as a time when the heat is on, and somebody's flipping burgers over there by the lemonade.

Still, there's much more to this day, and our astrology tells us that at least three zodiac signs will notice something ... joyful about the day in general. 

This day brings us the transit of the Moon square Neptune. What this means for three zodiac signs is that we've worked something out in our minds that allows us freedom. 

If ever there was a day that made you feel like something had clicked inside you, letting you know that it's all going to be OK, it happened. 


Life has become this mysterious challenge for you, and in all the right ways. You want to be a part of it all and welcome in the experience of joy. 


This is the time when you welcome back into your life the things you used to love doing. For whatever reasons, you've denied yourself certain pleasures.  


Joy is such an underrated word. We throw it away as if it belongs only to grand holidays and speeches, but the truth is, we are born in joy, and we have the right to live in joy, as well.  

On July 4, you see no reason as to why you'd hold off. We aren't talking about harmful indulgences, though.  

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