Joy Returns For 3 Zodiac Signs After Mercury Aligns With Mars On June 21, 2024

This Friday, June 21, there will be an alignment between Mercury and Mars, which may be just what we need to restore joy to our lives.   

When Mercury and Mars connect, we have the strength to speak something meaningful. Once it is out of our system, we are free, allowing joy to enter.   

And when it occurs, three zodiac signs will experience a change within themselves — and it will feel amazing.  

Walking about with a clear conscience is beneficial, and the Mercury/Mars alignment facilitates this. It assists us in letting go of the baggage, pain, and past.   


Just when you thought joy had vanished from your life, it reappears, and guess what, Taurus? You're prepared for it. Yes, the good stuff is back, and not only is your attitude great.

Mercury/Mars alignment on June 21, you'll notice that the more you accept the idea that everything is OK in your life, the better it gets.  


All you needed was one small thing to restore joy in your life. It appears that on Friday, that 'one tiny thing' returns in the guise of a human and exclaims, "Hey!"   

This individual brings positive news and optimism for the future. Phew! You didn't see it coming, but the Mercury/Mars alignment is all about clearing up any misunderstandings.  


You are now prepared to be happy. You don't doubt it, and you know you deserve it. Yes, you, Sagittarius, are deserving of being completely and crazily happy.  

June 21 is not your typical day. This day is full with surprises that will make you realize you have no more excuses. Life awaits you, so gather your courage and go for it, Sagittarius.  

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