If you can find the hidden farmer in a difficult puzzle in just 8 seconds, you have a keen eye.

Optical illusions are an excellent way to put your eyes and brain to the test, and the most recent challenge is particularly difficult.   

You only have eight seconds to find the farmer in the picture.  

Only those with keen eyes will be able to identify the hidden farmer in this extremely difficult optical illusion puzzle in just eight seconds.  

At first glance, the image appears to be a cow's head with some intricate details, but there is a farmer somewhere in it.  

So set your timer and see if you can see it, putting your vision to the test.  

Can you spot the farmer in the optical illusion 

Optical illusions are a great way to get your eyes and mind working in new ways; completing them can help boost concentration and memory skills  

This optical illusion challenge designed by Jagran Josh will undoubtedly help you improve your skills.  

If you're having trouble, here's a hint. If you look at the top of a cow's head, you can discover details. 

Did you spot it? It was a tricky one 

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