How to Poach Perfect Eggs Counterintuitively

Most egg cooking methods are straightforward. Fried, boiled, and scrambled eggs are classics for breakfast, lunch, and supper, but domestic cooks avoid the French omelette and poached egg because they look too hard or finicky.   

Dropping an egg into a kettle of heating water and spinning it just in time to prevent the whites from spreading is scary, and controlling the cooking time is difficult.  

I was afraid to poach eggs, but culinary school and practice made it easy.   

They're now my go-to dinner when the fridge is empty or I'm short on time.   

An elegant supper with bread, hollandaise sauce, and braised asparagus, I could eat it every night.  

Still, I wondered if there was a faster, easier way to cook eggs without the stovetop.   

Could the microwave be the key to a flawless poached egg? I could have poached eggs in five minutes without going on the stove or dirtying a saucepan with the microwave.   

Microwaved poached eggs are touted online, but I wasn't convinced until I tried and perfected the procedure.  

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