Hardships Come To An End For  3 Zodiac Signs On June 11   

June 11, 2024 will reveal the issue so we can fix it  

They say you have to feel it to heal, therefore we must be at the right place within ourselves to heal and let go.  

Mars square Pluto helps us identify and eliminate issues.  

These challenges don't define us. They are just challenges, and while one's lot in life cannot be decreased by someone else's judgment  

we know that we will stand up to our problems and eliminate the hurdle. We erase it by acknowledging it.  

Mars-square Pluto is said to wash away. You will discern truth and falsity and choose your own level, like water.   


You feel the world's weight on your shoulders, yet you don't want to add to your hardships. However, Mars square Pluto on June 11 will provide a pearl of knowledge.  


On Tuesday, June 11, you'll realize you always had the capacity to let go of the emotional baggage you've carried for too long  


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