Four Zodiac Signs Are Most Affected by Full Moons

The moon and her many phases touch everyone in some manner; this is a natural phenomenon.  

During both New and Full Moons, the sun's gravity reinforces that of the moon, increasing the magnetic pull of tides, so image what this does to humans.  

But the moon can also give us power, magic, and magical thinking. 

That's why, if one is a practitioner of the magical arts, it is always during a Full Moon that one partakes in ceremonial magic. 


Sagittarians, known as the most open of all the zodiac signs to the spectacular and ethereal, easily succumb to the Full Moon.   


All it takes is one small cosmic push for the Libran scales to tip into zany discord and unbalance.  


There we go again. Right after Sagittarius at the conclusion of the year, you have your Capricorn.  


When we want to know how the Full Moon affects us, just put an Aries under a Full Moon and you’ve got a recipe for a full-blown avalanche of emotions.

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