Find the Hidden Frog in the Leaves in 12 Seconds with Sharp Eyes?

An optical illusion is a difficult figure to solve. People want to solve optical illusions by thinking creatively and examining them. Most people practice optical illusions regularly to boost their IQ because it has several benefits. 

Practicing optical illusion helps one focus and think differently to solve swiftly. This optical illusion features a unique and interesting frog. Find the Optical Illusion in the allotted time to test your intelligence and optical power.   

This intriguing and challenging image will test your vision and observation skills. Look closely at this optical illusion to uncover the hidden frog.  

You have 12 seconds to find the hidden frog. High-vision people can find this hidden Frog quickly. A genius can spot this optical deception in seconds. 

Did you find this frog in this optical illusion? If you found it, you're brilliant. Do not worry—below is a solution image for those who still can't spot.   

Look closely at this image to solve this optical illusion. Don't worry if you haven't found the answer. See the solution image below for assistance. 

Optical illusions are amazing ways to focus and engage the brain. Imagine you haven't located this optical illusion's hidden Frog. 

If you still can't solve this optical illusion. Look at the highlighted place to find a hidden Frog in this optical illusion and thats the solution.  

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