Find 3 differences between boy with balloons photos in 14 seconds!

Spotting the difference problems are one of the most popular web activities for improving attention. Readers use observation to uncover small distinctions between two virtually identical photos in this fun puzzle.  

Solving such problems fast requires meticulousness. Regularly completing such challenges can boost mental health and concentration in all ages.  

The photo above shows a youngster jogging with balloons.  The photos appear identical, yet they are not.  

Two photographs feature three differences, and readers have 14 seconds to locate them.  

Your time begins!  Some variations are easy to spot, but others need keen inspection.   Readers must focus to distinguish the two images.  

This action improves focus and memory in the brain.  Thus, these exercises improve concentration and memory.  

The two photographs differ in three ways:  

If you liked this task, challenge your family and friends to solve it fastest.   

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