Fidget Spinner Nails Move

One beauty tutorial lets you wear your Fidget Spinner on your nails all day if you can't put it down, have a kid, or are obsessed.  

As Mashable noted, nail art expert Natasha Lee produced a YouTube video on Fidget Spinner-inspired nail art.  

She calls the instructional "the latest craze, now shrunken down for your fingertips" and gives step-by-step instructions.  

Lee polishes the little spinners after making them using acrylic, a paintbrush, and a steady hand.   

She adds metallic dots around the edges with silver holographic polish for realism.   

She uses a pin, bead, and nail glue to attach the spinner on her nail, and it spins like the real thing. Anyone without acrylic can achieve the same look with cardboard.  

This tutorial may take another trend too far (looking at you, unicorns), but the idea and execution are novel.  

Fidget Spinners, colorful plastic toys meant to relieve stress, have been promoted to aid youngsters with ADHD and autism.   

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