Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl.

This thick and creamy dragon fruit smoothie bowl has a stunning bright pink color and tastes exactly like a smoothie bowl from a smoothie restaurant.  

Move over, acai bowls; there's a new superfruit in town that produces bright and stunning smoothie bowls with a nice pink hue.  

Dragon fruit, despite its name, has a moderate and sweet flavor.Acai bowls have taken the world by storm.   

Although wonderful, there are numerous other berries that can be used to create similar bowls, which appear to go overlooked.   

When I initially discovered these dragon fruit puree smoothie packets, I wasn't convinced they'd live up to the acai hype, but I was mistaken. 

Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit indigenous to Southern Mexico and Central America. It is also called pitaya, pitahaya, and strawberry pear. It has a distinct taste that reminds me of melon or kiwi.   

The outside of the fruit is a bright pink with hints of green (thus the dragon moniker). The interior of the fruit is usually white with black seeds.   

It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You can eat fresh dragon fruit (or use it in this smoothie), but I used frozen dragon fruit packets for my smoothie bowl.  

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