Chocolate Rolled Crepe Topping Idea

I decide to top this Rolled Crepe with extra whipped cream and melted Lily's chocolate chips! But there are so many fun toppings for crepes!  

I like to add bananas and nuts to this recipe. They're also delicious when served with strawberries!  

One of my favorite things I've done is eliminate most refined sugars from my diet—it can be difficult, but this recipe is a great place to start by choosing naturally sweetened sweets!  

These Rolled Crepes would not be what they are without the perfect Chocolate Coconut Whipped Cream! 

Taste and adjust! Taste the coconut whipped cream and adjust the sweetness to your preference. You can add more sweetener as needed.  

Spread your homemade chocolate coconut whipped cream in the Rolled Crepe!  

One of the great things about coconut whipped cream is its ability to stay firm for a while, making it a perfect option for any filling or dessert!  

Whether you’re following a dairy-free diet or simply looking to infuse a touch of coconut into your treats… 

Serve and Enjoy! 

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