Best Strawberry Daiquiri

It's officially happy hour with these easy strawberry daiquiris made with either frozen or fresh, sweet, in-season strawberries if you can find them.  

A little citrus juice really kicks the strawberry flavor up a notch and a bit of lemon-lime soda adds a hint of effervescence.  

Double or triple this recipe for a party and you'll never buy daiquiri mixes or canned, ready-made daiquiris again. Leave out the rum for a batch of the best strawberry-citrus mocktails around! 

– 4 ounces frozen strawberrie – ½ cup white sugar – ½ cup lemon juice – ⅛ cup lime juice – ¾ cup rum – ¼ cup lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage – 6 cups ice, or as needed



Place frozen strawberries in a blender; add sugar, lemon juice, and lime juice.

Pour in rum and lemon-lime beverage, then add ice.

Blend until smooth And Enjoy!

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