Avocado Summer Rolls

All of the fresh herbs growing on our small porch inspired this recipe for summer rolls. We have a ton of basil, including some really fragrant Thai basil, as well as Thai chiles, tomatoes, peppers, and figs.  

We're really pleased of our little plant escape, and by "we" I mean Jack, who has been meticulously watering everything up to twice a day to keep it all going. This could be the longest time we've really kept plants alive.  

Since I know many of you have plenty of basil this time of year, I created these fresh summer rolls with a creamy coconut basil dipping sauce.  

It's the type of sauce I'd generally make with cilantro, but the sweet basil flavor is so refreshing and unexpected, especially when combined with fresh ginger. To enhance the flavor, add cashew butter, lime, and jalapeño.  

If you prefer another sauce, try this peanut sauce, this creamy avocado cilantro lime dressing, or the tamari-lime sauce from this dish.   

Plain tamari or soy sauce would also be fine!For the filling, I selected the traditional components for Vietnamese spring rolls: avocado, cucumber, tofu, radishes, and noodles.  

I felt it needed a bit more, so I thought, as I often do in the summer, "peaches!" Peaches and basil make a great combination, and I think now is the time to slap peach slices on everything.   

If peaches are not in season, substitute slices of ripe mango or forgo the fruit entirely.  

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