An optical illusion IQ test: Can you find the turtle among these kittens in 12 seconds?

Visual illusions are fascinating and test our perception and cognition. Neuroscientists say visual illusions show how our brains may fool us.  

The optical illusion is a powerful IQ test and a fun puzzle. This problem also requires patience, tenacity, and detail-orientedness, all of which indicate intelligence.  

This optical illusion tests your IQ and observation abilities with a concealed turtle among cute kittens. Are you ready to test your brain?  

This interesting optical illusion with a concealed turtle among kittens will test your brainpower.  

Find the turtle in 12 seconds or less. That would suggest excellent visual perception and mental agility.  

This assignment will test your patience, concentration, and critical thinking. Detecting the turtle among the kittens requires intellect and keen observation.  

Seeing the turtle indicates good visual processing and a high IQ. You demonstrate determination, excellent observation, and strategic thinking by passing this optical illusion test.  

If you liked this viral optical illusion, challenge your friends and family to find the turtle in 12 seconds or less.  

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