A Tarot Card Reader Explains Everything Every Zodiac Sign Should Know About The Week of July 8  


Aries, life often moves at a different pace. That's the message of the week from Strength, a major Arcana tarot card. So, ground yourself within and trust.

Taurus, knowing your own thinking isn't enough. You should also be aware of the motives, aspirations, and goals of the people you associate with. That is your tarot message for this week.


Gemini, your tarot card for the week is the Seven of Swords, and its message is straightforward: you don't have to show your hand to everyone.   


Cancer, your tarot card this week is the Seven of Wands. It reminds you that you deserve to have a place in this world and fight for what you desire.  


Leo, don't allow your worries get the best of you! It's common to have butterflies or sweaty palms and feet before doing anything significant.


There are always two sides to any tale, Virgo. Sometimes there are three (or more)! That's your message for this week, according to the Two of Pentacles.  


Libra, your tarot card for this week has a fascinating message for you: choose between socializing and being disciplined enough to work on a solo project of immense importance.   


Scorpio, get ready for some cosmic hijinks this week. With The Moon as your tarot card of the week (it's a major arcana!), your psychic senses and intuitive talents.


Sagittarius, rejoice and cheer since you have received an outstanding tarot card this week! It's the Ten of Pentacles, which represents good fortune.


Capricorn, here's the thing: if you choose to focus on your area of specialty this week, you will find incredible satisfaction and pride in yourself when the results of your hard work are revealed.   


Aquarius, you are frequently labeled as a visionary who is disconnected from reality. However, your tarot card for the week, the King of Pentacles.


Pisces, you have a choice: continue associating with individuals that hold you back, do not love or care for you, and deliberately seek your demise even as they smile in your face.


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