A Relationship-Gaining Secret: 7 Power Sources

Your body has energy every minute of every day, which helps you attract wonderful men, get asked out again and again, radiate confidence, and discover loving, happy relationships.  

 When your energy flows freely throughout your body, your love life feels effortless, high-quality guys ask you out, and the world feels perfect  

It's when you know deep down that a great relationship or new stage is coming to provide you more delight.  

Problems emerge when your body traps energy and stops flowing naturally. Energy barriers occur in seven "chakras" in your body, each of which houses one of your seven spiritual powers.

 Survival, Relationships, Motivation, Compassion, Communication, Intuition, and Consciousness. Like a blood vessel blocked by plaque or cholesterol, when one of your Chakras is blocked by energy. 

emotionally unavailable men start seeking you, life stops flowing smoothly, excellent guys vanish, and relationships disintegrate.  

You might experience a Chakra energy obstruction by assessing your mood daily. If you're sluggish, unable to focus, frustrated by everything, and in a poor mood, it's not PMS or an annoying coworker.  

Your Chakras are getting stuck, giving you misery. When a Chakra is blocked, your life is off balance.  

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